Resova Integration

Resova integration for Buzzshot allows players to pre-register online before they arrive to play your games. The booking player's information will be collected and if you have a waiver the player will be asked to agree to it. The booking player will then be asked to invite other players by giving their email addresses. Each invited player will then receive an email asking them to pre-register as well.

Before setting up the Resova integration you should edit the invite emails sent out by going to the Emails section in the admin settings. You'll want to edit the "Buzzshot to Player invite" email (sent to the player who booked) and "Player to Player invite" email (sent to players that the booking player invites).

Please note that only bookings made from the time you activate the integration will appear in Buzzshot. Existing integrations will not show up.

Setting up

Getting your Resova API Key

First you'll need some information from Resova

  1. Log into your Resova account then select Settings from the side menu and go to API Key in the Developer section
  2. Note down the API Region/Url and the API key for your account

Connecting in Buzzshot

This part tells Buzzshot about Resova using the details collected in the previous part.

  1. Log into the Buzzshot Admin page and click Settings then Integrations
  2. Click Connect next to the Resova integration
  3. Enter the API Url and "API Key" you got from Resova (see above)
  4. After connecting Resova you'll be asked to match up rooms, select a Buzzshot room for each Resova item. If you add rooms to Buzzshot or items to Resova you'll need to revisit this page in the future.
  5. You will be taken back to the Integration page. A "Webhook URL" will be shown next to the Resova integration, you will need this in the next part.

Setting up the webhook

This final part tells Resova to let Buzzshot know whenever a new booking is made.

  1. Log into your Resova account then select Settings from the side menu and go to Webhooks in the Developer section
  2. Click the Add Endpoint button
  3. Enter the Webhook URL you got from Buzzshot in the last part (you can revisit the Integrations page on Buzzshot if you've forgotten it)
  4. Leave all events selected (the default) and click "Create"

Congratulations! Buzzshot is now integrated with Resova.

TIPS for checking it is working

  1. Once you've got the integration setup we really recommend that you make a PAID test booking via your own website to check everything works as you expect. Provided it's all connected correctly you as the booker should receive the pre-registration email and the booking should automatically appear in Buzzshot the admin. And the booking will appear in the Buzzshot app on game day.
  2. Only bookings made on your website after you connect the integration will automatically appear in Buzzshot. Any bookings made before the integration is connected won't automatically appear because Resova won't have sent them to us (so you'll still need to create those manually).

Finding pre-registered teams

Teams who have pre-registered will show up in the Buzzshot app with their details already present, tap on a team to open the team edit screen and allow other players not already present to add themselves. By default the Buzzshot app will not show teams booked in for future days but you can turn this on from the side menu.